Kebab Finance BSC Build Program

To accelerate innovation in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, we are launching our new partnership program to increase the adoption of blockchain applications, harness the power of Binance Smart Chain and introduce the next generation of DeFi applications on the Binance Smart Chain. Through our Launchpad, new Defi projects will benefit from strategic guidance and technical resources to eliminate uncertainty and build trust for the investors.

Why You Should Apply

The new Build program will accelerate DeFi adoption, research, and project-based development in the BSC ecosystem. Listing top-tier projects will introduce new blockchain possibilities, better security, and a deeper understanding of the many emerging aspects of the Binance Smart Chain.
The program will also help your team receive operational support, accelerate research, technical development, and innovation in blockchain.

Selection Criteria

Our team uses a framework representing several areas: desirability, strategic fit, viability, feasibility, experience, cross-functional knowledge when organizing the screening process to evaluate and plan your project to provide the resources needed to take the ideas forward before execution.
The success of your project depends on the clarity and accuracy of the information, business case, and commitment to achieving it.
We will take into consideration the following business aspects following a qualitative research strategy:

How to Participate

Use this form if all of the above apply to you.
Please visit our Website, Telegram ( Global Channel), and follow us on Twitter.

Please note, we are currently experiencing higher volumes of applications. We appreciate your patience.

If there’s anything you’d like to learn or if you have questions, message us at any time.

Kebab Finance Team



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