Kebab Finance

Mar 8, 2021

2 min read

Kebab Finance Latest Release Is Out: Here’s What’s in

The journey to building a firm structure for our project’s integrity when Defi faces undulating skepticism led to a staggering interest in our mission to strengthen and safeguard our community. Our focus on helping you grow with us made us thrilled to announce significant updates to the core structure of Kebab Finance. We have not come here to grab the headlines; WE ARE HERE TO BUILD.
Our team has been working towards your goals and dreams to deliver:

- New BTCB Pool to receive Kebab Tokens and Satoshis is in an experimental phase


- A plan to give out and test an original burning mechanism to receive 11 satoshis per block for the next 35 days.

Our BTCST investment

We invested in BTCST regarding the burning mechanism to implement on $KEBAB, which will be available in a major update.

  • A Brand New Governance Page to contribute to the development of Kebab Finance. Your contributions will require you to sign in using Metamask to vote or create your proposal:

The vote weight will be according to your $Kebab Balance. We

invite you to view the new updates and let us know your thoughts.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them our way.