New Dashboard, Dedicated IFO Page Now and Beyond

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4 min readApr 25, 2021

The article, (i) explores the recent decision made by Binance Smart Chain Most Valuable Program (MVB) in selecting finalists (ii) provides highlights of the latest updates.

Much Ado About Nothing!

Prophesying which efforts will reach desirable results concerning product development is not as easy as most may think. We know what we want to accomplish; we do lots of planning, put in the work, and then wait to see if the results commensurate with our mission.

Unfortunately, certainty often falls apart despite our commitment to meeting our community’s expectations and mitigating the frustration of those who occasionally blame our good intentions on inadequate explanations or poor execution of commends. Despite our strong commitment, humans are fallible creatures. However, we are still hard at building the next generation of yield-farming products for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) despite the setbacks we encountered along the way.

It’s been a busy week for our team to reach the final testing phase, even though MVB’s result unexpectedly shook the trust of our community. The program’s baffling decision to choose already listed projects and gravitate towards one project instead of building an entire ecosystem around the 2nd phase finalists is questionable. Placing Binance’s already listed projects in the final phase and granting a single $1.6M seed-round investment to one project brings doubts to the entire ecosystem. The community questions Binance Smart Chain’s move to disregard phase 2 projects and more than 450 active projects with daily dynamic addresses and 1m Daily Transaction volume that resulted in significant growth of the BSC Ecosystem, in favor of previously listed projects on Binance.

Thanks to our supporters, who’ve extensively displayed outstanding commitment and support throughout the MVB phases. Kebab Finance will perpetually continue to bring value to Binance Smart Chain despite the recent puzzling results. Our team did their best to apply for Binance Smart Chain’s MVB program, worked incessantly to further accelerate the project’s development despite the bugs that slowed our production during development, peer review and testing.


After months of anticipation, we were thrilled to have finally completed the dashboard. This significant milestone will eventually dictate the course of our roadmap and accelerate the deployment of the burn mechanism in addition to other exciting things to come. We have made a significant update to the website with our new Dashboard and IFO page. We will continue working on building new features and improvements for Kebab Finance. Our aim for these coming days is to improve our new dashboard based on our community’s feedback.

Our priority now is the Burn Mechanism and Governance tool to allow our investors to participate in community decisions to influence projects’ operational choices and development.

Now our users can track their investments quickly and easily. We will speed up implementing consistent updates for an intuitive user interface throughout the entire period. The newly implemented features include specific arrangements to give the users a better trading experience. We aim to deploy a detailed chart with more features to present your trading history and a chart to display information during swaps. In other words, live data to highlight key indicators. To speed up the process, we created a New Telegram Channel to receive questions and suggestions from the community to improve and build a better user experience.

We have a series of milestones that we are excited to share with the community regarding partnerships, AMAs, marketing and we are determined to build an ecosystem to continue giving back to our community like what we did when we invested in BTC Standard (BTCST).While it may seem counter-intuitive, by embracing our mistakes, we will continue pushing back against the obstacles that get in our way with each step towards our goal.

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