Ready to keep track of your delicious kebabs on ApeBoard?

Hey, Kebabians!

We are thrilled to bring you a sleek dashboard from the great ApeBoard team to stay up to date with your juicy gains.

ApeBoard in a Nutshell

ApeBoard is a sleek cross-chain DeFi dashboard and a one-stop solution to monitoring all your yield farming assets. ApeBoard displays your kebab holdings and automatically calculates the net worth all in one spot.

Tracking Your Yields Made Easy

ApeBoard allows you to continue watching the growth and keeping track of your kebab yield farming opportunities without the hassle of switching between different crypto portfolio trackers or relying on other tracking sources. You will also find several other features incorporated into their website.

Staying up-to-date

ApeBoard is Staying up-to-date with an industry that’s constantly changing. The platform strives to bring innovative features and enables users to see all their crypto finances in one place by simply inputting their address and “voila!”

ApeBoard will track and show all your DeFi activities across multiple chains. Isn’t that amazing! You can monitor your portfolio to make informed decisions in one spot and without spending much time. Less time-consuming!

A New Partnership in Innovation

As Kebab Finance, we strive to find the highest rated crypto projects and support the next wave of innovation on Binance Smart Chain by focusing on security, desirability, strategic fit, viability, feasibility, experience, and cross-functional knowledge.

If there’s anything you’d like to learn or if you have questions, message us at any time.

Kebab Finance Team



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