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4 min readMar 9, 2021


Kebab Finance is a fascinating story. It was an idea that started from a kebab meal. It’s not a joke; it’s true! We will tell you the story if you are interested in a future weekly digest. At first, the story might be unbelievable for our investors, but we consistently keep our fun-driven position with a taste of seriousness in what we are incessantly building. It might be that the name of the project is unusual for most of you, but the accruals are astounding. The work we have accomplished so far is undoubtedly our token holders’ daily increase and the absolute trust and invaluable support they have shown for the project.

One big challenge was demonstrating to our community that we have an agenda for economic prosperity to trust us with their investment. We always believe that clarity is of prime importance when handling large transactions through our platform. We started Kebab Finance with fun, and in a few days, we found ourselves responsible for over 13.5 million dollars of liquidities that are being traded, staked, and farmed in our platform.
Our focus now is to accelerate Kebab Finance’s development while we are actively listening to our community’s needs to meet their demands. Let us not forget that everything concerning the project development results from our community’s feedback on Telegram and Twitter, where you can still help further accelerate the project and share ideas that will hopefully build a strong foundation for it to reach the summit.

What did we add last week?

1- Risk Factors Added

Risk factors under the multiplier

We added risk factors to each parity so our farmers can know the risks before pooling in blindly just following the APY’s.

2- BTCB Pool Added


We added a BTCB pool for the next 35 days for testing purposes and it’s linked to our initial idea for the burn mechanism. We will be distributing 11 satoshis per block for the next 35 days.

What is next?

Here are a few updates on our journey of prosperity with you in the weeks to come after reviewing several project proposals from prospective investors and our Telegram community:

1- Listing on Trust Wallet

We are currently in talks with the Trust Wallet team to list the project.
Wouldn’t it be great to quickly swap your accumulated Kebab tokens into BNB, or even BTC?
But that’s not all! Trust Wallet will also allow you to stake your Kebab tokens to receive TWT tokens. The benefits and pubic image of Trust Wallet is, without doubt, part of our project. It is only a matter of days for another tasty Kebab announcement.

As you are all aware, Kebab is a Pancake fork, and as we have previously stated, there is a reason and a story behind its launch that we plan to share with you very soon. Make no mistake! We’re not copycats, as some of you might have thought. From the initial start of the project, we audited and removed code in Pancake, such as the compulsory passage of BNB during the swap, which was unnecessary.

The dashboard is one of the implementations we plan to add very soon. This Dashboard will provide so much ease to our users and they will be able to see their profits from both fees, staking, and pooling.

3- Burn system
We are pioneers in the world of cryptocurrency, and we are continually watching the market development. We also know that only a few projects have significant legitimacy. For this reason, while you are enjoying your kebabs, we won’t offer you the umpteenth token to burn them for the umpteenth token. It was not our intention to do so. Our primary goal is to create a burn mechanism to reward the investors in BTC or ETH. Wouldn’t that be great!
The point is that we are proud of what we have accomplished with your generous support, and we are here to share your enthusiasm and find ways to help each other grow. Your trust in our project is our trust in you. The steps mentioned above are only the beginning of a bright future with you, and in which you will be able to keep accumulating BTC, ETH, or any other compatible token with the planned burn mechanism.

As you have all witnessed, Kebab finance is :
1- listening to its community
2- the pinnacle of your success with us.
3- determined to send Kebab to the summit.

Feel free to comment and give your opinion. Don’t hesitate to ask us for the next Medium’s post subject.

If there’s anything you’d like to see or if you have questions, message us at any time.



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