Weekly AMA Series!

Dear Kebab Finance Community,

We’re happy to introduce a new Weekly AMA Series, where we will look into new features and upgrades to Kebab Finance ecosystem.
We will continue to reveal more information to our community on the successful launch of our Kebab Silver (KSLV) platform. To learn more about KSLV, please check our Documentation Page.

We urge the attendees to maintain a good spirit of anonymity and avoid profanity. The meeting length is around 60 minutes. You will have the chance to ask your question on our Telegram Global Channel for our moderator to share with the team 10 minutes before the live session starts. First of all, we will begin with answering the questions we received on Twitter, and we will try our best to answer other important questions as we proceed.

The community will have 10 minutes to ask their questions afterward; our global channel will be muted during the entire live session. Our moderators will pick from the questions to share with the team and open it up for discussion after the main session is complete, followed by the next topic and so forth. It is the moderator’s discretion to limit the number of questions shared on each subject during the live session.

We look forward to seeing you tune into our AMA session today at 6:30 pm UTC in our Telegram Global Channel .

Thank you, everyone, for participating in this exciting community AMA.

If there’s anything you’d like to learn or if you have questions, message us at any time.

Kebab Finance Team

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